I work with clients who have become addicted to or misuse Anger.
I help them learn how to manage anger in their lives.

Anger is one of the most baffling and cunning emotions that people try to get a handle on in our world today. It is the most enigmatic of all the emotions, the most daunting, and the most awe-inspiring. Some people recoil from anger, and wish it would just disappear off the face of the earth. They fear their own anger, or fear being the recipient of someone else s anger. Conversely, other people gravitate towards anger, and delight in it, whether it is their own anger or someone else s. They feel momentarily invigorated and empowered by it, and enjoy seeing the fear that it instills in others.

Some people are happily addicted to their anger, and would never leave home without it. Others would like nothing more than to let their anger go, yet feel helpless in their efforts to do so. Men tend to channel their anger outwards, while women tend to direct their anger inwards. Children often grow up full of anger, and choose to either bury it inside or vent it outside onto others. And so the transmission of anger goes on from generation to generation, along with its puzzling legacy, leaving people to question in their hearts year after year, just what is anger anyway?!!

Please read the article(s) about this topic on the self-help articles page which will hopefully answer this question for you, as well as shed some light on various ways to manage your anger, and work through your anger, so you can free yourself from its tight grip once and for all.