I enjoy helping my clients deal with problem resolution, and also continuing the journey of self-awareness and success.

Therapy need not only be for those people who suffer from depression and anxiety, or who battle addictions, etc. Moreover, therapy need not only focus on conflict resolution, assertiveness training, trauma, anger management, and loss.

Therapy is also for those individuals who are already flourishing in their lives, but who may want to become that much more self-aware, and that much more successful. With these individuals, I serve as both therapist and coach. I challenge them to set goals for themselves, and support them as they attain these goals.

Moreover, I help them to clarify for themselves what they believe their purpose, or mission, is in life. I assist them in creating a vision for themselves, and what they would like their lives to look like down the road. I then encourage them to live their lives in a manner that is congruent with this vision.

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