Hey John! I actually “feel” very good in spite of the challenging situation… I have felt tremendous improvement on an emotional level… in my relationship with Hassan and especially with my son, Omar… with my body! I’m working out and eating healthy… focusing on my music… I’m in a good place…You don’t know how happy I am with our sessions… I stand tall and proud behind my decision to seek your support and would not hesitate to seek it again as and when the need arises… you have been instrumental in getting my family and me this far, and I feel you have given me the tools needed to sustain this…!! I am very grateful that you took us on in the first place, and given the ongoing challenges in my life, I know I will be knocking on your door again! I hope you understand that this is a compliment to your work!! :
All the best to you, dear John! You are awesome, warm and full of compassion… you are a pleasure to work with:) you genuinely care and that makes a huge difference!!

– Rouba Z. (Dubai/UAE) via Skype

Boesky helps me a lot with stuff that I can use inside the cage, but also with my overall life. He helps me understand a lot more about myself and where I’m at in my life. Having him in my corner and helping me through the psychological stand point of everything is definitely a blessing.

- Myles J., Sports Psychology

Thank you John, thank you for showing up in my life in such a authentic caring way. Thank you for showing me friendship and validation as only another man could have at a time I desperately needed that kind of love, friendship and validation. While I realize it’s your profession, I realize you stretched beyond and extended hope and light … for that I’ll always be grateful. My daughter thanks you, my future partner thanks you …… I thank you. I’m the man I’ve wanted to be, the man I knew I could be and actually was all along.

– Larin F., Men's Issues

I’ve been working with John for about three years now. I even left San Diego two years ago and have continued phone sessions with him because I feel so strongly that he has helped learn about myself and make great strides in personal growth. Choosing a therapist that is a good match for you can be a challenging process; I’ve met with others in the past that didn’t quite get it like John does. John has a keen sense for understanding the underlying issues at hand and gently guiding me to new perspectives that help me, my career and my relationships. I never feel judged or over-analyzed by John. He has given me “homework” or things to practice to change habits in thinking, which is great for me since I’m a “do-er.” He has helped me to honor my feelings, my personal truth and overall helped me to become a better, happier, healthier, more self-aware person!

– Katie T., Personal Growth

I have been a client of John’s for a year now, and I can say with all certainty that he has helped me improve the quality of my life like no other therapist has. I have been seeing therapists, psychiatrists, even dabbled in psycho analysis at a top notch Hospital in Boston, for over ten years. But the improvement I’ve seen and feel after having worked with John is truly unparalleled. He is a great therapist whose sole purpose is his clients well being. He is focused on creating change and does not dilly dally in the process. He is extremely generous with his time, in many cases exceeding the one hour session time. John has a keen sense of the mind body relationship, and utilizes this in practice. He is a great communicator, healer, and compassionate listener. He sits across from you as an equal, as someone who truly understands what difficulties you are experiencing. I am currently attending individual sessions along with my wife as well as attend a Men’s Group that he organizes on a biweekly basis. Together, I have grown as a person, a man, a husband and a father. I have more to learn from John, but I know that he is guiding me in the right direction to achieve all that I can in my life. I recommend John to anyone who is brave enough to take the next step in their lives. John will no doubt help you. He is that good.

– Bram G., Couples Therapy / Group Therapy / Individual Growth

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