Marriage & Couples Therapy

As a Marriage and Family Therapist, I help couples communicate with, listen to, and deeply understand their partners.

I have extensive experience helping couples with therapy and counseling to resolve conflicts. Through my years as a therapist I have learned that struggles in a relationship aren’t uncommon. The difference between those relationships that make it through these difficult times and flourish and the the ones that fail are the ones that learn how to manage those conflicts constructively.

That process of learning how to communicate and deal with the issues and resolve them is where I offer my expertise. Through the years of helping many couples through counseling I have gained an understanding that only comes from experience. So the starting point to resolve the conflict is to teach a couple how to communicate more effectively. Communicating effectively begins with learning how to listen to the other party. I use a very powerful technique called Active Listening that allows true communication to begin. Once a couple begins to communicate, this is where they can begin to truly know each other and learn all the dynamics of who that other person is. This is where magic happens and a relationship can begin to flourish.

If your goal is to have your relationship last but conflicts and problems are making it seem like an impossibility, let’s talk to see if there is a way to resolve those issues. I offer a safe environment for the two of you that encourages dealing with the issues head on and allows resolution to take place. Don’t hesitate to give me a call. Together we can see if therapy may be of help. All couples go through conflicts. The successful relationships are where the couples have learned to handle those conflicts through effective communication and listening skills. You have nothing to lose but a relationship to gain when you call to see if I can be of help.

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