Anxiety and Depression

I specialize in helping people work through depression and anxiety.

Depression and anxiety affect countless people in the world today. Depression leaves people feeling helpless, hopeless, and worthless. Anxiety consumes people, and leaves them feeling worried, irritable, and uneasy. While depression and anxiety disorders are quite common in our world today, they are also very treatable.

In my work with individuals who are depressed and/or anxious, I use an integrative approach. I use cognitive-behavioral therapy, insight-oriented therapy, experiential therapy, and EMDR.

I use cognitive-behavioral therapy to assist my clients in challenging common thought distortions that maintain their depression and anxiety. I also challenge my clients to examine the fear-based, self-limiting beliefs that bind them, and assist them in exchanging these beliefs for newer, healthier ones.

Psycho-dynamic, insight-oriented therapy is used to help clients bring to conscious awareness those events in the past that have shaped who they are in the present. With new insight and greater self-awareness, clients have enough conscious awareness to make new choices on how they want to live their lives.

Experiential therapy enables clients to experience themselves differently than they have ever before. While it is important for a client to have an intellectual understanding of his or her problem, it is also paramount that he or she experiences in their bodies what it is like to feel empowered, alive, and self-assured.

Finally, I use EMDR to help clients come to terms with traumatic life events that may be triggering his or her anxiety and depression. Moreover, I use the technique known as resource installation to help clients focus on their personal strengths, as well focus on the gains they have made, and this in turn elevates their mood and raises their self-esteem.

Depression and anxiety are as prevalent in our world today as the common cold. Never the less, I have found that an integrative psycho-therapeutic approach effectively treats these two afflictions.

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